Welcome to Esbjerg

This is an abbreviated version of the official website of the Municipality of Esbjerg. 

We suggest that you also visit our other website www.energymetropolis.com where you will find useful information about for instance work and study possibilities. 

You are also always welcome to contact our Newcomer Service at newcomer@esbjergkommune.dk


The sculpture Man Meets the Sea

About the area

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115.000 people choose to live in Esbjerg Municipality, which covers an area of 753 km2. Esbjerg Municipality is filled with contrasts from the Wadden Sea to the North Sea, from Ribe, the oldest town in Scandinavia filled with 1300 years history to the young city of Esbjerg of only 140 years. Combined with a rich cultural and sports life Esbjerg Municipality is in a league of its own.

Marriage ceremonies

Our goal is to make your marriage ceremony performed here at the registry office in Ribe's old city hall from 1496 a beautiful and moving experience for you as a couple and your guests.

We look forward to welcoming you on your wedding day.